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A small local Family Business, happily offering pest control servicing to all Brisbane suburbs and surrounding areas. We professionally treat all residential, commercial and industrial spaces, treating all common pests such as, ants, cockroaches, spiders, bees, wasp, silverfish, rodents and many other common pests around your area.

We aim to offer a professional, efficient and cost effective pest control Brisbane. We welcome any FEED BACK to help us improve and evolve.

At Distinct Pest Control we offer a range of specialised services aimed at fulfilling our client’s needs. Special rates are available for such services, so please CALL 0403 786 934 or EMAIL [email protected] so we can assist fully.


“Thanks to Distinct Pest Control for the fast response. Great service and I can’t recommend this company enough! Fantastic customer service is very rare these days.”
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Household Cost Effective Pest Control- Brisbane

There can be no denying the fact that to maintain a property, an annual pest control is imperative. Even the newest and cleanest of homes can suffer an ugly nightmare of infestations with cockroaches, ants, spiders or rodents. To manage pests in and around your home, you will definitely need our help. At Distinct Pest Control we always use appropriate, high quality equipment, materials and insecticides and strictly follow all mixing and application guidelines. It is in our best interest to minimise any risk to our technicians, clients and the environment.

Rental and Tenant Services

According to the Residential Tenancies Act, it is the responsibility of the tenant to conduct some sort of pest treatment prior to their lease end. This is especially important if the tenants have allowed animals into the premise. When it comes to end of lease pest control services, there are few who are better than Distinct Pest Control. Whether you need a full general cost effective pest control Brisbane or a preventative flea treatment, we can help at a very competitive price.

Commercial and Food Services

At Distinct Pest Control, we can take care of all your Pest Management needs in commercial areas such as Food Outlets, Shops, Office Suites, Showrooms, Warehouse Facilities and much much more. According to the prevalent government regulations and local councils, it’s imperative for food businesses to keep all food areas free from vermin, pests and contamination. If business operators refuse to follow regulations, heavy fines and penalties are imposed on them. Our technicians will work in with you and your trading times, so that we are not on site when your customers and your staff are present.